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Garage Door Costs: Are Garage Doors Expensive?

Posted by Anthony Rutt at April 21, 2021

Garage doors are a necessity for many homeowners. They offer protection from the elements and provide an easy way to enter or exit your home. However, garage door costs can be pricey and may seem hard to justify in the face of other household expenses. But before you decide that you can't afford a new garage door, keep reading!

The average cost of garage doors

The average cost for a garage door is $500 to $2000. The more expensive doors are semi-custom with custom features such as windows or decorative columns. A steel door is usually around $1500 to $1700, but it could be more if the homeowner wants it better made and heavier than standard aluminum.

Another option would be going with a used door but those can also range in price, costing anywhere between $200 and up to about half the purchase price of a new one at most hardware stores.

What are the benefits of installing a new door?

Installing new garage door offers many benefits. It will be more energy efficient than your old one, and it'll usually last longer–20-plus years if treated well. And of course there's the convenience factor! Your new door will let you enter or exit your garage in seconds rather than having to use that push-button opener every time.

Some other perks are: they're safer because most include insulation for noise reduction; newer designs offer low profile access so no more hitting your car roof on the way into the house; some doors have windows that allow natural light inside which can reduce electricity usage with lights left off during daylight hours; finally, decorative glass panels make an otherwise bland space eye catching from both outside and inside views.

There are three main types of garage doors: 

  • Sectional: Composed of two or more panels that are articulated with hinges and can be raised completely for quick access to the garage.
  •  Roller type: The door is composed of a single panel made up of horizontal, thick slats on an overhead track. Usually mounted horizontally in the center area between top and bottom tracks so it opens along its entire length. This style does not need any mounting brackets due to its construction but must have enough width in place before installing one as they cannot span across walls at either end. It should also never be installed against brick or masonry walls because this will cause damage over time from wear and tear caused by friction when opening/closing the door while rolling back-and-forth on these surfaces;
  • Tilt-Up: A set of panels, each in an upright position and hinged at the top so it can be tilted up for opening. The door is composed of a series of vertical slats that form horizontal rails on which to slide the panel out from its closed position against one side (or both) when needed. These are best suited for narrow or shallow openings because they cannot span across walls at either end;

What are the main types of garage door materials?

Wood: There are two types of wood garage doors, the traditional solid wooden door or a more modern composite door. Traditional style wooden doors have been around for centuries and many people still prefer natural look but there is also an option to paint the door in any color you want with this type of material;

They're not that expensive when compared to other opening options like windows or sliding glass patio doors, which can cost up to $400 per square foot. They only require replacement every 20 years so they will save on energy costs over time if your goal is sustainability!

Steel: Steel garage doors are the most affordable option out there. It is also one of the most durable with a life expectancy of up to 50 years. They can be painted or stained, and they come in any color you like;

Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors are the most popular choice for homeowners today. They offer a number of benefits, including durability and affordability. If you're looking to install an aluminum door in your home or business, read on to learn more about what sets them apart from other types of garage doors.

What is the difference between steel and wood doors? 

It's hard to believe, but there is a significant difference between steel and wood doors. Steel doors are much more durable than wooden ones. They also usually have a better insulation rating for sound transmission and do not require as many coats of paint or other finishes to look good.

Wooden doors can be very beautiful; they are often stained with different colors in order to meet the needs of customers who want their door simply for decoration purposes. Wooden doors tend to need more maintenance than steel doors, such as regular painting or varnishing to maintain the desired color/finish (depending on what it was initially applied).

Is it worth having an insulated door installed in your home?

A good insulated garage door can save you money in the long run. The cost of an insulated door is lower than installing insulation, and they will be a more effective way to keep your home warm at night when it’s colder outside. In addition, with less heat escaping through the doors during the day, this type of door could also cut down on heating costs for homeowners who don’t have central air conditioning installed throughout their house.


We hope this article answer your question on whether garage doors are expensive. For more information, you can contact your local garage door company for a free estimate or visit our service area page to find your nearest location.

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