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Garage Door Services in Cornelius NC

We know the importance of your garage door. It's more than just a decorative addition to your home, providing both style and functionality that you rely on every day.

At Garage Doors Repairs Wizard, we're dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality garage door services in Cornelius, NC, for over 10 years. Our specialists will work with you to ensure you get the perfect garage doors for your needs, whether it's repairing an old door or installing one from scratch. We know the inconvenience that comes with a broken or malfunctioning garage door. We offer complete repair solutions for doors, openers, and much more. Whether you need a new spring, opener, panel - we've got you covered all around Cornelius, including Davidson, Lake Norman, Statesville, and beyond.

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Why Choose Garage Doors Wizard?

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When you're looking into a company that will work on your residential or commercial garage door repair or replacement, it can be challenging to know who will do a great job. Your property needs to have a garage door that works well and looks great for as long as possible. That's why choosing the right garage door company in Cornelius is important.

We are 100% customer satisfaction, so you can trust that your garage door repair or replacement will be done correctly and look great. Our prices are the most affordable you will find for a garage door service, and we always put you first to give you a better experience.

Our Garage Door Repair and Replacement Service

We offer a wide range of repair services for garage doors, which will bring your door back to work as it was new. We fix issues like broken springs, cables, doors of trucks, sensors, and more. Below are some services we offer.

Cornelius Garage Door Repairs Service

We have the tools and resources to repair a broken garage door. Our garage door team can repair a garage door that may have been caused by natural wear and tear or at the sudden failure of systems that power or control your door. Call us at 704-741-5552 if you need help repairing your garage door problems. Our technicians know exactly what they are doing and get the job done quickly and fast without any issues.

New Garage Door Installations in Cornelius, NC

Garage Door Installation in Cornelius NC
Garage Door Installation in Cornelius NC

There are many unique, beautiful homes around Cornelius. One of the things that they have in common is garage doors. Garage doors are made with different styles, materials, and designs. You can choose between steel or aluminum, or wood paneling for your door. From heritage wood to bright aluminum, plenty of options are available to match your needs and style perfectly.

Many companies offer new garage doors, but not all of them can give you the quality without hidden costs. Our professionals at Garage Doors Wizard in Cornelius come out to your home or business and discuss with you what you're looking for in a new door. We work with you on the color, design, material, and functionality until we have a perfect door for your needs. We are happy to help you get the exact garage door you want at a great price that will fit your budget.

Whether you want to repair an existing garage door or replace it with a new one, contact us today to get started on choosing the perfect new garage door for your home or business!

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement Service

Garage Door Repair Wizard is your trusted garage door repair expert in the Cornelius, North Carolina area. A garage door spring can last for about 10,000 cycles if maintained regularly. If you use your garage door as an alternative entrance to your house, you probably can expect to replace the spring every 5-6 years.

Replacing or converting springs on a garage door is one of the most delicate repairs that can be done. It requires careful calibration to work correctly, but you risk major repair blunders or even injury if not calibrated perfectly. Our specialists are here to educate you on the best options for your garage door, whether it be replacing or converting springs.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement Service

We all know the importance of a garage door opener. It is the part of your garage door system that makes opening and closing it a lot easier. Garage door openers have been around for a long time now because they are quite a practical addition to garages. Sometimes issues may arise with our garage door opener. Most people jump to conclusions about the amount of damage done because they think they need a replacement. What they don’t realize is that all you need sometimes is a simple repair. Our garage door experts can inspect the damage, and they will tell you whether it is something that requires a replacement or if it can be repaired. If you want to save time and money, Garage Doors Wizard is the perfect place to do so.

Here are more repair solutions we offer for commercial and residential garage doors.

  • Dented Panel Replacement
  • Off-Track Doors
  • Sensor Alignment
  • Cable Replacement
  • Garage Tune-up and Lubrication
  • Broken or Bent Rollers
  • Noisy Silenced

Best Garage Door Professionals In Cornelius, North Carolina.

Our Professional Service team has been made by skilled and experienced technicians. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, insured experts that would be able to provide worry-free service at your door.

We are a family-owned business fully committed to our customer's satisfaction. That's why we offer affordable garage doors solutions in Cornelius, Lake Norman, and Charlotte NC.

If you are looking for cost-effective, high-quality products near Cornelius, then you are at the right place. With trained technicians and top-quality service, we guarantee our customer's excellent service.