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How to Identify Torsion Spring Problems

Posted by Anthony Rutt at May 17, 2021

There are hundreds of garage door parts in every modern unit. One of the most important components is the torsion spring. It works to counterbalance the door and to bear most of its weight during movement. If there are problems with this component, the whole system will not operate properly. Furthermore, there may be a higher safety risk. That is why you must know how to pinpoint problems.

Issues after Door Installation or Modification

These problems can have different causes depending on the situation. The important thing is for them to be noticed timely and resolved swiftly.

Watch out odd behavior after garage door installation - Keep a close eye on the door while it is moving up. If it moves too slowly at first, but after it reaches the midpoint of the frame its speed increases greatly, then the spring size is not right. The component has to be replaced timely so that the whole unit can begin to work effectively and safely.

Check for movement changes after door modification - If struts have been added to the garage door panels or a layer of insulation has been installed, you have to monitor the operation. If the unit moves slowly and there is noticeable strain in the operation of the opener, then the existing spring cannot bear the extra weight. Replacement is the typically the optimal solution in this case.

Improper Balance

When the torsion coil trampoline spring is not properly balanced, this can lead to the door malfunctioning. When the component is slightly out of balance, this may not be easy to notice directly. That is why a balance test has to be performed regularly.

  • Identify operation difficulties - If the overhead door is hard to close or has to be locked in order to stay in closed position, then the spring tension is too high. If the unit is difficult to open then the tension is too low. In both cases, turn to the help of Garage Door Repair Charlotte.
  • Perform a balance test - You need to disengage the opener first. Then you need to lift the door manually to the middle of the frame and release it. If the balance is fine, the unit will not move. In case of too much tension, the unit will go up and vice versa. Again, timely adjustment has to be provided.

Complete Breakage

A broken garage door spring must be replaced immediately. This is one of the most serious overhead door issues which can occur so you have to ensure that you can recognize it.

  • Notice the symptoms¬†- The most noticeable sign of breakage is loud bang, but there is no guarantee that you will be around to hear it. The door may be complete stuck in place even though the opener motor is working. Despite the common belief, in some cases, the system will still run even with a broken spring. However, the movement will be a lot slower and the opener will strain.
  • Perform inspection¬†- If any of the above signs is present, you must check to see whether the spring is broken in half. If this is the case, you must not operate the system until the issue is resolved.

The most important thing is to take timely action to deal with issues.

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