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How to Find the Right Garage Door Repair Company

Posted by Anthony Rutt at April 28, 2021

Every day people rely on so many devices around the home to work properly. From the air conditioner to the heater, refrigerator, and lights, these devices help everyone in so many ways. Your garage door is another device that also provides a valuable service of protecting your vehicle or the contents of your garage from the weather and intruders.

It seems that few people appreciate what a garage door provides in their lives until it stops working and either traps your vehicle inside or keeps it from coming into the garage. So, it’s little wonder that many people may not be familiar with the reputable garage door repair companies in their community. This means that many hire individuals or companies that are not reputable and find themselves paying a large amount of money for a service that could’ve been performed for a fraction of the cost.

You have probably heard the stories about how some people were ripped off by disreputable garage door repair companies who delivered poor work and received a handsome sum for what little effort they put into getting the job done. Finding the right company means doing a little research, preferably long before your garage door needs service, so you can take the time to find the right one for your needs.

What follows are a few tips that will help you avoid disreputable companies and only choose from the ones that offer the best service. Keep in mind that it’s not about finding the lowest price, but rather getting the best garage door service at a reasonable price that fits into your budget.


Your family, friends, and co-workers will probably know repair companies that they have used in the past and will recommend them to you. While this is a great place to start your search, do not limit yourself to the companies that they have recommended. This is because you may find better  repair companies that offer the services you want at a lower price. So, thank your friends and family for their advice and do the research of other companies before making up your mind.

Stick to Local, Reputable Garage Door Repair Companies

Supporting businesses in your local area is not just good for the economy, it’s good for you. This is because local businesses place customer service first as their selling point. While they may not have the resources of larger, franchised companies, for your repair needs they cannot be beat for the service they provide. This includes 24/7 or emergency repair services where they can arrive quickly to repair garage door.

Licensed and Insured

To operate legally in your community, a garage door repair company must be properly licensed. This means that their website should have their business license number which can be looked up by you. A business that is legitimate follows local and state regulations which is reflected in their business license.

Being insured is also important because accidents can happen even to the best of all businesses. So, if something happens which is their fault that causes damage to your property, their insurance will pay for its repair. If they do not have insurance, you might be left holding the bill.

Brand Names & Logos

This is an oldie, but a goodie when it comes to separating the legitimate companies from the disreputable ones. A reputable garage door repair company will have a unique, memorable name and logo which they have used to advertise their business. To create the logo and brand takes time, money, and effort that a disreputable company would not bother to do since they are only in it for the quick buck. It helps if you’ve seen or heard their advertisements on local TV, radio, or in the newspapers.

This means companies which use generic business names, such as “(fill in city) Garage Door Service” and have no recognizable logo should be looked at carefully as they may not be the best.

Address, Location, & Website

When you start your search for a reputable garage door repair company, your first efforts online should be to locate the ones which have a proper address, location, and contact information on their website. If you do not see a local address, but instead a telephone number you can try calling it and seeing where they are located in your area.

Many disreputable individuals or firms will only have a phone number and nothing else. This can be problematic as they should have a business location that stores their tools, equipment, and supplies.

Avoid Call Centers

Large franchise and hardware retail companies often use a third-party source to do their repair work. This means if you call and reach a call center, they are actually lead generation companies which focus on getting sales, not having the right personnel to do the job. So, you are not calling a proper legitimate repair company, but rather a third-party who simply sends you to someone who may or may not be reputable. You can usually spot call centers if they have just a number or are part of a larger company that delegates the repair work to others.


A business builds its reputation thanks to the reviews it receives from their customers. Testimonials are also a good source, but reviews on independent websites may be the best at showing the true nature of the company. Keep in mind that while even the best garage door repair companies may have a few negative reviews, what you are looking for is a pattern of behavior such as showing up late, not doing a good job, or charging hidden fees for their service.

Finding the right garage door repair company for your needs starts by doing the research, narrowing down the companies to those who are reputable, and selecting the one that offers the best combination of service and price. If you do the research now before your garage door needs repair, you can simply call the company when the need arises.

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